These paintings were inspired by my military deployments, experiences as a first responder, and personal narrative both of my own experiences and experiences of those close to me.

I am drawn to striking, graphical images that are both powerful and beautiful. I am drawn to human and natural forms, both their absence and presence. Depending on the body of work I am creating, I use both absence and presence as a method to influence the perception of the viewer. I translate my personal response to conflict through a meticulous control of color, a clean aesthetic, and a deliberate use of negative space.

The Wind is Always At Her Back

The Fire Inside Me Burns Brighter Than The Fire Around Me

It’s Better to Light a Single Candle Than to Curse the Darkness (SOLD)



A Weight Too Heavy to Hold

Sinking Beneath the Sky

The Only Real Luxury is Time

Departure of Dreams

Rising From the Ashes

The Pioneer

Its the Fire that Makes Me Tick (SOLD)

On a Cloudy Day You Can See the Weather (SOLD)

Before You, Ahead of You, Behind You

With You, Beside You, Despite You

In Reverie (SOLD)

Unfolding Vision of Evolving Echo Part 1

Unfolding Vision of Evolving Echo Part 2

Unfolding Vision of Evolving Echo Part 3

Unfolding Vision of Evolving Echo Compression Part 2

Seconds in Purgatory


Broken Fragment of Transparent Morphism (SOLD)

Detritus 2

Detritus 1

Exhibitions & Updates

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